Membership of Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC)

The ISSC is composed of the following membership. It is anticipated that additional members will be co-opted as necessary over time.

Mr. Derry Fong (Chairman), Director of Information Systems 

Prof. Kar Yan Tam, Dean of the School of Business and Management

Dr. Samuel Kwan, Director of Information Technology Services Center

Prof. Chung Yee Lee, Director, Office of Institutional Research

Prof. CT Chan, Director of Research Office

Mr. James Prince, Academic Registrar

Dr. Tony Lam, Associate Dean of Students

Ms. Alice Wong​, Director of Finance

Ms. Stella Ng, Acting Director of Human Resources

Prof. CC Chang, Director of Centre of Education Innovation

Mr. KT Lam, Associate University Librarian

The following are the Terms of Reference of ISSC:

  • To approve the Information Systems Strategy;
  • To receive and assess all requests for major information systems development and enhancements, and approve the priorities recommended by ISO, timing and resources requirements;
  • To plan and acquire funding for essential resources where necessary to support the information systems projects and enhancements;
  • To review and monitor and status of information system projects in progress;
  • To collaborate, review and resolve issues related to information systems matters, including system and data policies, business processes, change requests and functional responsibilities;
  • To participate in other project Steering Committee, taskforce and working group, where appropriate, to review and make recommendations on issues encountered;
  • To report regularly to the President through the University Administrative Committee (UAC).


Information Systems (IS) Governance:

  • The objectives of IS governance are to reduce the project risks, project delay and cost overruns, and to increase the overall user satisfactions.
  • Detailed governance principles and guidelines will be shared with various stakeholders and Change Agents at a later stage.


Roles of Change Agents:

  • As a communicator: Cascading down ISO's strategy, policy, guidelines, new development plan etc. to his/her responsible department/faculty 
  • As a problem solver: Cascading up ISO's new strategy's related problems faced by IT project members or users of his/her department/faculty
  • As a change coach: Motivating IT project members of users of his/her responsible department/faculty to appreciate and embrace the new practices as charted by ISO